Showcase preparations


Today I’m am finalizing the program info, the program order and production notes for the Fieldwork Showcase on Nov. 7 at 7pm for $7 at Barnevelder Movement Arts Complex in Downtown Houston. This is going to be a rich, diverse showcase of artists. We have a poet, a doll maker, three choreographers, two playwrights and one short story author. Beautiful work that has been developing through the Fieldwork process over the past 10 weeks. What I love so much about the showcase is that it shows works in progress as well as finished works. Audiences rarely get glimpses mid-process, but that’s really what I’m all about: bringing the audience into the world of creation.

One of the writers in the group many of you may already be familiar with is Diana Weeks. We collaborated in the creation of “Dancing Diana” where Frame Dance Productions danced to three of her witty and humorous short stories that were performed in the Houston Fringe Festival in Aug. 2009 as well as in Danceplorations last spring. There is also another writer in this group that I am in the beginning stages of collaborating with for “Mortar Sylphs Wrote” which is the title of our upcoming evening-length show, the culmination of the Hope Werks residency. She wrote a poem that will be a part of the new work. MMmmmmmm collaboration…

I strongly urge you to see this showcase. It does contain some more adult themes, so just a heads up for the little art-goers out there.

And I also encourage you to check out Fieldwork if you are an artist (undercover or not) or if you have a friend you think would benefit from this work/feedback group.

Here’s an image of what Frame will be presenting at the showcase:

Points and Coordinates in showcase!


Good morning,
I have some very exciting news. I’m talked about Fieldwork in this blog before. It’s the artist work group that I facilitate in Houston. We meet once a week or every other week, depending on the session and show works in progress for peer feedback. Anyway, we have a showcase coming up on Nov. 7 at 7pm for $7 at Barnevelder Movement Arts Complex AND………..

We will be performing Points and Coordinates, the piece that premiered at the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston. We did a work in progress showing at Spacetaker in August as well. Read a few posts back and you’ll find all the fun info and stories about those performances, as well as some pretty spectacular photographs.

So….if you missed it or if you would like to see it again, see you at the showcase!

Can’t wait to explore this work again.



Hello Readers,
I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks. I’ve been taking a brief hiatus from blogging because we’re on a brief hiatus from rehearsing. We had a very busy September with the Contemporary Arts Museum and Weekend of Texas Contemporary Dance and Rice Dance Film Festival. October is a breather. I’m storing up, planning, dreaming, writing so that when we kick off our residency in January it will be full and fruitful. I am so excited. I’ve started gathering texts and ideas and talking with the dancers about possibilities. The show will be called “Mortar, Sylphs Wrote.” Any guesses on why?

I haven’t felt very present lately. I’ve been planning for almost three projects past the residency and show in March. It’s been a very floating, non-specific experience planning and writing proposals for my next projects. But there is a time for everything. In September I could hardly think about the next day as each day was so full with preparations and performances. Now I’ve shifted into the other half of the experience, the amorphous planning. I love both.

BUT! Exciting news! There may be another chance for you to see Points and Coordinates coming up soon. I will let you know as soon as I know anything definite. Cheers!