We need your help


Dear Readers,
For our birthday we are hosting a virtual birthday party, and we want you to come. We need your help. At www.framedance.org/boxoffice you can help us out by purchasing any of the following: a cupcake, a costume, a month of web hosting, a projection screen, the programs for our next show… and several other things. Some are really small, like $3.75 and they go all the way up to $220. If all the Framers out there purchased a cupcake, we would be able to make art this next year. I know it’s easy to think that because $3.75 is so small, it won’t matter if you don’t give. But it makes a huge difference. Trust me. That’s all you have to do to ensure more pretty films. Be a part of Frame Dance Productions. We want you!

Lydia Hance

Happy Birthday Frame!


Thanks for your enthusiasm this past year, dear Framers. To support our future, please go to www.framedance.org/boxoffice and make a contribution –virtual gift–to ensure our capacity to continue to make art. Always available HD and 24/7 and framedance.org. We thank you, and we do this to enrich your lives. What an honor, indeed.

Big Range Dance Festival


This week we screen Satin Stitch and perform an excerpt of Mortar, Sylphs Wrote in Big Range Dance Festival. Friday and Saturday at 8pm at Barnevelder Movement Arts Complex. Nancy Wozny wrote this great piece on the program.

All music we dance to in the festival is by Micah Clark and the photography above is by Lorie Garcie, studio 4d4. We have the best collaborators.