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We hope the beginning of your week has been terrific!

Here are some great tunes from Michele Kitchen

to get you moving…

What music inspires you the most in the classroom and/or in the choreographic process?
I find myself drawn to music from movies I really love. I think that, similar to dance, sometimes everything just comes together in movies and the music can turn a scene into something magical. Those are the kind of pieces that inspire my creative process oddly enough. Either that, or something I find nostalgic for whatever reason.
What are your three favorite tracks to teach a (pick one (or more!): modern, ballet, jazz, hip hop, improvisation) class to?
So many options! I love Lynn Stanford’s music for Ballet currently, it’s super rhythmical and reminds me of some of my favorite pianists. For my little ones (Creative Movement) this summer I had a mashup: Waltzes from Sleeping Beauty (Op. 66), Fleet Foxes (Winter White Hymnal), various different Charleston tunes from the old Great Gatsby soundtrack.
Fleet Foxes
Fleet Foxes
What are your top tracks to get the rehearsal process going?
Man in Me -Bob Dylan
Blue Spotted Tail -Fleet Foxes
These Days -Nico
Hannah Hunt -Vampire Weekend
Kaw-liga -Hank Williams
Pick 5 tracks that should be on every dancer’s iPod? iPod_nano_gen2_5up_stacked[1]
  1. Vivaldi (all of it)
  2. Bach’s Suite Solo for Cello No. 1 in G Major (Yo-Yo Ma)
  3. M.I.A Mango Pickle Down River
  4. Daft Punk Doin’ it Right (feat. Panda Bear)
  5. Swan Lake in its entirety
Do you have a ‘secret weapon’ song or artist when you need go-to inspiration?

It changes, but is pretty consistently my classical favorites (Vivaldi/Tchaikovsky) and at the moment Benjiman Britten.

imageMichele Kitchen, originally from Austin, TX, started her formal training at Festival Ballet Atlanta in Georgia. She then continued her studies at Ballet Austin Academy, where she trained in the Pre-Professional Division until graduating in 2006. She received additional training from American Ballet Theater, Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, and Boston Ballet. In 2010, Michele graduated cum laude with a BFA in Dance as part of the inaugural class of Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet/Dominican University. While at LINES, Michele had the opportunity to work closely with Alonzo King, Maurya Kerr, Gregory Dawson, Arturo Fernandez, Carmen Rozestraten, Julie Adams, Ben Levy, and Yannis Adoniou. Since moving to Houston, Michele has taught for Houston Ballet, The Clair School, Precision Dance Academy, and Hope Stone. As well as teaching, Michele dances with Earthen Vessels (Sandra Organ) and teaches gyrotonic.



Links We Like!

Links We Like

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Hey Framers!

So happy to be relaxing this weekend! Hope your Saturday is going well, here are some fun links we liked this week!


As you know from our post yesterday, we LOVE Houston, so of course we wanted to share this article with you about Houston getting it’s own hollywood-style sign!


If you’re really in the mood to learn more about Houston, check out what the Smithsonian magazine has to say!


 Also from the Smithsonian Magazine: an interesting article on yoga in art


Looking for a weekend getaway?? Consider heading to Marfa, Texas – an art oasis in the desert!


And just for random cyber surfing fun: 

The crazy, creepy evolution of My Little Pony


The best sandwich EVER.


Have a great weekend! Stay tuned for a full week of Frame blogging: MFA Monday and Tuesday Tunes coming soon! 

We Love Houston


We want to celebrate our wonderful city today!

From our friends at Fresh Arts:

Houston is Inspired!

Houston, we don’t have a problem. We have arts and culture.

There’s more to Houston than brisket, big oil, and bayous. Houston has another story to tell. The story of how this city has Houston is Inspired #HOUARTS become a mecca for some of the best arts, culture and food in the country. We have a winning combination of creativity, diversity, innovation and resources to be named Forbes’ “Coolest City.” Thousands of people come here every year ON PURPOSE to experience everything Houston has to offer. Thousands more will visit, especially now that The New York Times marked Houston #7 on its “Places to Visit in 2013” list (along with Instanbul at #10 and Paris at #46). (True story.) Well, hello, Houston. That’s something to brag about.

And that’s how “Houston is…” was born. They did approximately 7,000 tons* of research and figured out that visitors LOVE Houston for two things above all else: culture and cuisine. They created a spectacular national advertising campaign to share that news with the world. And when folks working in Houston’s arts and culture community** heard the statistics and saw the campaign, they did a collective dance of joy and adopted “Houston is Inspired” as a unifying mantra for an unprecedented regional effort to celebrate our creative capital. We’re ready to let the world know that our special BBQ comes with an extra side of awesomesauce. And a bottle of champagne.

Houston: We ARE inspired. It’s time to inspire everyone around us, too. Here’s how you can help. (Especially YOU, independent artists! Make your voices heard!)

our gal pal Courtney D. Jones at the Houston is Inspired mural.  Best pic of the event.
our gal pal Courtney D. Jones at the Houston is Inspired mural. Best pic of the event.  We thought it needed a little extra flair, too.



Our installation FM went up on Wednesday at Diverse Works Art Space.  With over 150 people in the gallery, we had a blast.  What fun to work with Mark Hirsch and Courtney D. Jones to create a sound/dance/video participatory installation.  We must do it again.  (stay tuned…)


Check out the Culture Map story “Young Professionals get the keys to the kingdom — and a jump start on high-profile Texas art fair” here.

photo by Jonathan Jindra
photo by Jonathan Jindra

And guess who else was there?

Charles Halka, Cathy Halka and Ben Krause
Charles Halka, Cathy Halka and Ben Krause
Courtney D. Jones and Deon Robinson
Courtney D. Jones and Deon Robinson
Mark Hirsch and Lydia Hance
Mark Hirsch and Lydia Hance