Welcome to Frame Dance, I am so glad you are here!  

My name is Lydia Hance and I am the Founder/Creative Director of Frame Dance. I still remember the first time I asked my mom to take me to a ballet class. I was 7 years old, and I fell in love! I knew I was meant to dance, and I dedicated my childhood, teenage years, and college experience to becoming a professional dancer.  

It was my greatest joy, and also my greatest heartache.  

My education was filled with delight and excitement, challenge and growth. It was excellent, professional training. I also experienced harsh criticism, an unhealthy attitude toward the body, deep feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt as a dancer, and the pressure to fit into someone else’s mold. I realized that dance was reserved for the few, and while I did make it, I also had a desire to free myself and others from the unhealthy limits of it.  

The seed of a new dream was planted.  

In 2010, I decided to establish Frame Dance and create a new model for dance education, one where dance is welcoming to all, healthy, loving, and exciting. 

We are a studio that honors YOU as the artist. We are committed to developing dancers who are true makers, not just replicators. We inspire and equip you to grow to your fullest potential, embracing your unique journey and individual expression of dance.  

When you join Frame Dance, you join a community of people— beginners through professionals building culture through dance.  

You already have everything you need to begin your dance journey.