deeeeeeep breath

A lot has happened recently in the life of this piece.  Wednesday was the film shoot.  I wasn’t anticipating it to be anywhere as beautiful as it turned out.  We got the vantage point (Thanks Jonathon!!!) and now the film holds a much stronger voice than I anticipated.

Honestly, I was struggling with the transitions on and off of the canvases, and also working through what I wanted the relationship to be between the screen dance and the live dance.  I wanted some competition between the screen and the live dance, but also some harmony as well.  Having the SPEAKeasy made me realize that audiences sometimes do want the option to choose where they put their focus.  It doesn’t always have to be explicit.  That was the thought with the moving coordinates–the audience journeys through the space with the live dance and/or choosing a stationary viewing of the screen dance.  The hope was that it would be a little of both.  Atmospheric.  Sequential.

But after seeing the footage, I was so struck with where the piece wanted to take me.  The film needs to be primary and the movement secondary.  The voice of the film is so strong, and the screen is so dominant, that there needs to be some submission on the part of the live piece.  So all that to say, I’m revamping the work.  We still have the movement vocabulary, quality, and relationships to each other, but there’s a major shift of axis.  And the landscape just became smaller and more intimate.  Quiet.

Rehearsal today at the CAM!  yahoo!  Except I pulled my next last night in rehearsal and it’s in spasm.  Send up those prayers please:)


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