New Yorkers

Check this out if you’re in New York.  We screened two of these films in 3rd Coast Dance Film Festival just two weeks ago!

curated by Michael Bodel
October 7
SUN at 7:00pm

FRAMEWORKS is an ongoing series providing a vital stage for excellent new works of choreography for the camera. Films are selected from down the street and across the ocean and submission is free.

FRAMEWORKS accepts submissions of original works of choreography for the camera, less than 20 minutes in length and made within the last 7 years. Videos of staged work and documentary films are fabulous but won’t be reviewed in this series. On average, 30-75 films are submitted for each screening, and 4-7 are selected. Submission is and always will be free.

This year’s films are:

Jeffrey Curtis, Greg Catellier

Scout Hut
Jennie MaryTai Liu

Jeremy Moss

The Eye of the Beholder
Azure Productions

Audrey Bergeron and The Broke Lab

Charli Brissey / Maeko Project

Disa (Malin Sandberg and Anton Wretling)

Photo by Justyna Calińska from “InSide” by Anna Zuzanna Błaszczyk. American Premiere at FRAMEWORKS, Spring 2012


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